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Fishing opportunities with the Falmouth Flats Fly Fishers are as diverse as the interests of the Club’s anglers.


Fishing outings may include quick afternoon runs to the Rappahannock River for smallmouth bass, a day in the Shenandoah valley targeting the brilliantly colored native brook trout, or week-long (or longer) trips to the blue-ribbon trout streams of the West or salt water flats of the Caribbean. It’s a rare day when a Club member isn’t on the water somewhere with fly rod in hand.

The Club promotes a number of events throughout the year, including gatherings at the Falmouth Beach Park during the early Spring shad run, club and family days at Cedar Creek (Star Tannery, Virginia) for rainbow trout, and canoe/kayak trips down the Rapidan for smallmouth bass.

Hasty Family Portrait 3 (crop).jpg
Avril with Big Fish_.jpg

Family Day on Cedar Creek

These Club events are augmented by trips to regional, national,

and international destinations organized by individual Club members.  These are often based around members’ long-standing annual fishing excursions that they open up to others, but many of the trips are initiated with a group email or question raised at the monthly meeting: “Anyone interested in fishing this place for a couple of days next month?”

Member organized events in recent years have included trips to the South Holston River (Tennessee), the South Branch of the Potomac for WV golden rainbows, the Rocky Mountain swing (Colorado, Wyoming, Montana), Yellowstone National Park, Quetico Provincial Park (Ontario), and the Delaware and Salmon River of upstate New York.

South Holston River_.jpg

Casting on the South Holston

Under the Waterfalls, Waterdale Ranch, E

The Waterfalls of Waterdale Ranch, Colorado

15 - Monster Albacore, Harkers Island, N

Albies along the Outer Banks

While our destination trips are always memorable, the bulk of our fishing activities are day trips to local waters. Bream and largemouth bass at local ponds and lakes; smallmouth bass, snakeheads, carp, shad, and stripers on the Rappahannock; rainbow and brown trout in the I-81 corridor streams; and brook trout in Shenandoah National Park and surrounding areas. Club members arrange to fish together through phone calls, emails, or the ‘angler invite’ section of the web page

72 - Snakehead, Crow's Nest Natural Area

Snakehead at the Crow's Nest

12 - Grass Carp, Rappahannock River.jpg

Grass carp from the Rappahannock

Andrew with largemouth.jpg

Largemouth from

a local pond

5 - Rainbow, Suzie Q Farm.jpg

Rainbow at Suzy Q Farm

Nothing compares to being on the water, but we have the opportunity to fish vicariously through the experiences of other Club members. Monthly meetings always include an open discussion of recent fishing excursions and often include formal trip and fishing presentations complete with pictures and videos. Along with the entertainment value of watching the exploits of fellow club members, these reports allow you to preview trips you may want to take in the future.

Recent presentations by Club members have included reports on Tarpon fishing in Cuba, Steelhead fishing in Upstate New York, Prospecting for West Virginia Golden Trout, Fishing the Parana River of Argentina, The Driftless Region of Wisconsin, and a Rocky Mountain Road Trip.  

36 - Vampire Fish 2, Parana River, Goya,

From the ‘The Parana River’ presentation

24 -Tarpon on Line, Canarreos Archipelag

Video shot from ‘Cuba on the Fly’ Trip Report

3D - WV Golden Rainbow.jpg

From ‘Prospecting for Gold

in West Virginia’

38 - Hooked Up Hard, North Platte River,

Video extract from “A Rocky Mountain Road Trip”

Regardless of the fish you prefer to target or the amount of time you have available, the Falmouth Flats Fly Fishers will provide you the opportunity to get on the water with like-minded anglers. Check the Upcoming Events section, Calendar, and Angler Invites to find your next fishing adventure.

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