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Dedicated to fly fishing and the education,
and sustainability of the sport

The Falmouth Flats Fly Fishers is a diverse group of anglers with one thing in common: The Fly Rod.  Located in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, we are a nonprofit charter club of Fly Fishers International (FFI) dedicated to the promotion of fly fishing through education, restoration, and conservation efforts.

Our club was spawned as a result of the seasonal shad and striped bass runs on the easily-waded Rappahannock River flats below the Falmouth Bridge in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 


Over the course of several years, as an increasing number of fly fishers came into contact with one another at the flats, information was shared, friendships made, and - on January 19th of  1999 – the Falmouth Flats Fly Fishers was launched at an organizational meeting which drew 25 people by word-of-mouth advertising.  Our current membership now exceeds 100.


Today, our club’s activities, projects, and monthly meetings reflect the varied interests of our anglers.  We welcome individuals of all experience levels and fly fishing focus.  Whether you prefer chasing cold-water trout, warm-water bass,

or salt water monsters, you’ll find like-minded anglers in this club.  Our meetings, currently conducted the third Tuesday of every month, are attended by experienced fly anglers, beginners, and those just curious about the sport. 

If you have questions about the Club, fly fishing in the area, or attending a meeting, click the button to the right to contact us. 

Recent Catches

Hemry with Kayak Bass (James Picture).JPG

Henry with a nice bass from the kayak during the RRC camping event (8 June)

24-05-21  Kevin in Driftless.jpg

Kevin with one of his Browns from the Driftless Region in Minnesota (21 May).

5-30-24  Art Striper.jpg

Art with a hard won striper

from a trip to Weldon, NC

(May 2024)

Rob with 1st Snakehead.jpg

Rob's first snakehead on the fly.  Crow's Nest kayak day (4 May).

24 - 05 - 23  Meredith on the Gunpowder.jpg

Meredith with 1 of 7 wild browns netted on the Gunpowder (24 May).

James with bass 1 - first tied fly.jpg

James with his first fish on a fly he tied.  Crow's Nest kayak day (4 May)

Rick Hoaglan with NC Carp.jpeg

New member Rick fished the cicada hatch on the Roanoke in NC  (23 May).

Jeremy's Recent Catch - SNP May 2024.jpg

Jeremy catching brookies on a hi-viz caddis in SNP

(2 May)

Upcoming Events

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2024 Snapshot Calendar - Click Here

18 June                    Monthly Meeting                    


Practice or improve your casting skills

6:30 pm to 8:00 pm / Old Mill Park (2201 Caroline St, Fredericksburg)

22 June                    Club Booth at Bowman Distillery's Fly Fishing  Expo                   

Club information, casting and fly tying instruction

Details pending

27 June                    Day Trip to 7 Bends State Park (Woodstock, VA)                  

Fishing for smallies, bluegill, and carp on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River

Wade fish or bring your kayak

Click here to see OVERVIEW.

RSVP to Lars at

Click here to see VIDEO of previous trips.

13 July                      Annual Rapidan Canoe / Kayak Float                  

Float from Elys Ford to Hunting Run.  Fishing for smallies, bluegill, and carp. 

Don't have a kayak?  Contact us to borrow one or for a seat in a canoe.

Sign up at June meeting or email Craig at

Recent Events

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12B - SNP Pool.jpg

Rappahannock River Campground Campout, 7-9 June

Rob - bass close up .jpg
Hemry with Kayak Bass (James Picture).JPG
James with Bream.JPG
Pete - 77 fish.jpg
Jeremy Kayak 2.jpg
Kayak Fishing - Kevin 1 (crop).jpg
James Kayak High Centered.JPG
James kayaking wading rock garden (James photo).JPG
Henry Serving Breakfast .jpg
Dinner fajitas .jpg
Transportation to Kayak Launch - Lars (James Pic).JPG
Kevin at Dinner Table.jpg

Club Day at Cedar Creek,  1 June

Group Shot.jpg
James in Hand.jpg
Andy Meredith this big (good).jpg
Brett - Ignoring the Fly (good) .jpg
Henry in Hand.jpg
Ed in net.jpg
Debbie - So Many Fish .jpg
Wilson on a 20 midge.jpg
Club Banner 2.jpg
Brian Harper fish in hand.jpg
Tom into the Net (crop).jpg
Mike T.jpg
Tom Big Fish.jpg
Ed and Wacky.jpg

Member's Forums

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62 - Armstrong Spring Creek, Livingston,

Post fishing reports, fishing news, questions to the group, or other items of interest.

Going fishing and want a buddy to come along?  Post details in the Angler Invites section.

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