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Dedicated to fly fishing, education, conservation,

and sustainability of the sport

The Falmouth Flats Fly Fishers is a diverse group of anglers with one thing in common: The Fly Rod.  Located in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, we are a nonprofit charter club of Fly Fishers International (FFI) dedicated to the promotion of fly fishing through education, restoration, and conservation efforts.

Our club was spawned as a result of the seasonal shad and striped bass runs on the easily-waded Rappahannock River flats below the Falmouth Bridge in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 


Over the course of several years, as an increasing number of fly fishers came into contact with one another at the flats, information was shared, friendships made, and - on January 19th of  1999 – the Falmouth Flats Fly Fishers was launched at an organizational meeting which drew 25 people by word-of-mouth advertising.  Our current membership now exceeds 100.


Today, our club’s activities, projects, and monthly meetings reflect the varied interests of our anglers.  We welcome individuals of all experience levels and fly fishing focus.  Whether you prefer chasing cold-water trout, warm-water bass,

or salt water monsters, you’ll find like-minded anglers in this club.  Our meetings, currently conducted the third Tuesday of every month, are attended by experienced fly anglers, beginners, and those just curious about the sport. 

If you have questions about the Club, fly fishing in the area, or attending a meeting, click the button to the right to contact us. 

Recent Catches

Craig SM 2.jpg

Craig with an early season

smallmouth from the Rapidan

(25 March)

Jim - Fish shot 1.jpeg

Jim with one of his monster

steelheads from Mill Creek,

Ohio (22 March)

Eric with fish escape.jpg

Eric with one that got away.

Rose River Farm on a Zebra Midge (9 Feb)

Andrew Barracuda.jfif

Andrew with a barracuda taken from shore in the Bahamas (Jan)

Upcoming Events

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April Meeting                                         Tuesday, 18 April,  2023

Downstairs Meeting Hall, Fredericksburg Baptist Church  1019 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg

Fly Tying - 6:00 to 7:00 p.m       General Meeting - 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Presentations:  Snakehead techniques & Snakehead Day Overview;  Ohio Steelhead

12-13 April        WV Gold Rush            1 slot left (contact  

15 April              PHWFF Shad Day      Sign up at

22 April              Earth Day Booth        Sign up at

29 April              Snakehead Fishing    Info / Sign Up at April Meeting

23-25 June        Rappanhannock River Campground Weekend       

Sign Up Now at   or 

Click Here for Campout Overview       

Recent Events

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12B - SNP Pool.jpg

Recently AddedMember Presentations from Previous Years

-  Fly Fishing Abaco & Tanzania Tiger Fish 

-  Smallmouth fishing, Strip Setting, & Shooting Heads

USGS Presentation (March Meeting): 

  - - Risk Factors in smallmouth bass

Virginia DWR Presentations (February Meeting): 

  - - Status of Local Fish Populations

  - - Brown Trout and Brook Trout Biomass Study

Fishing at Turneffe Flats, Belize (Member Video Presentation)  

Member's Forums

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62 - Armstrong Spring Creek, Livingston,

Post fishing reports, fishing news, questions to the group, or other items of interest.

Going fishing and want a buddy to come along?  Post details in the Angler Invites section.

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